Chinese domain market sales : Two letters, numbers and no Chips for you

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

As the Chinese economy continues to struggle, it boggles the mind that SUVssport utility vehicles – are increasingly the cars of choice for Chinese drivers.

Despite the Chinese government’s tightening of fuel-economy standards, SUV sales in China accounted for a record 35% of all newly registered cars this year. This trend started in mid-2015 and it’s a clear indication of “splurging” by the otherwise conservative Chinese.

China is becoming a consumer-oriented society very fast, thanks to the peculiarities of its “Communist Capitalism.”

Domain names have expanded the Chinese domain market, as they often function as a tool to funnel funds out of the country.

We keep track of short domains, between 2 and 4 characters; our focus is on the .CN and .COM TLDs that change hands in China.

Today’s list features nothing but short, 2 letter .CN domains and numbers, with no “Chips” in sight. Chip activity, as we’ve said before, has dropped, and even domain investor Elequa cashed some of his domain chips recently.

Here are today’s domain names:

Actually, there is one Chip after all, and that’s still an indication of a market that has reached its peak a long time ago.

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