Chinese domain market sales : Two nice .Net domains

Domain sales Made in China.

Domain sales Made in China.

It’s Monday, and the Chinese stocks fell by the most in 3 weeks, led by energy producers and property developers, as oil tumbled.

Accelerating home prices sparked concern that China’s ever-controlling government will act to cool the property market.

And there you have it, an “exciting” week ahead for China’s stock market.

Yesterday, we did not post a report of Chinese domain market sales for the first time in many months.

It’s counter-productive, when there are not enough domains to report. Plus the weather was so nice, who wants to write reports about China’s domain sales. 😉 But today, we have the cumulative list of two days.

Today’s list contains a two letter domain, and a nice numeric,

Normally, we don’t post anything but .CN and .COM domains of between 2 and 4 characters, but this pair is an exception.

Here’s the weekend’s combined list:

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