Chinese domain market sales : Wang Nana learns a hard lesson

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

China’s markets are continuing to adapt along the financial practices of the West.

The world’s 2nd largest economy is on a course to fully unfold its “Communist Capitalism” model, and its 1.4 billion citizens are eager to spend more.

With great spending credit, comes great responsibility and some Chinese are now discovering the “beauty” of identity theft.

In a China News Daily article, Wang Nana, a 33 year old female from Zhoukou, applied for a bank loan.

Her application got turned down after the bank ran a credit check. The report unveiled that someone else was using her identity, and had even taken her place at college in 2003.

Imagine that, Chinese domain investors discovering they have been duped in how the domain market works!

Since last year, we’ve been keeping track of domain transactions in China, for .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs, as long as they are between 2 to 4 characters. That range includes two letter domains, three letter domains, and the infamous “Chips.”

Legendary domain investor, Elequa, is rocking the domain chips currently.

Today’s list sports no domains by the Future Media Architects founder, so it’s considerably shorter:

Yes, that last domain isn’t within the length range we normally track, but what the heck; with seven “8”s is a nice number to own. 😀


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