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Chinese domain market sales : ZZZZzzzz is all premium letters

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain sales have slowed down to a standstill, even with our recent addition of .Net domains to the range we cover.

We started this series last year, reporting sales of short (2-4 characters) domains in the .CN and .COM TLDs.

While 2015 was stellar, the Year of the Monkey has been a complete sleeper in recent weeks.

Will this change?

Doubtful but not impossible; never underestimate Chinese domain investors, they are smart, persistent and love numeric domains.

The downside is that short lists of achieved sales in China aren’t overly motivating, and we understand that. The option would be to switch to reporting such domain sales every other day, or even once a week.

For now, get used to lists being as short as today’s, below. At least, a two letter .CN domain is included.


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