Chinese domain market – Week of February 8, 2015


China’s domain market is exploding.

Starting a new, weekly column on the domain acquisitions made by Chinese companies, and what a better time to begin when the sale of for $17 million dollars occurred.

We’ll also include domains that are made freshly available in the Chinese domain market, in case you’re interested in making such investments.

This week’s discoveries include and, sold at the Chinese domain marketplace, 4.CN. These were surefire sales, potentially well into the seven figures USD.

Other numeric and short domain sales, or transactions that involved change of availability status.

  • – Currently displays an error in Chinese.
  • 639.CN – Was made available for sale.
  • – Another 3 letter .com has been put up for sale.
  • – Looks like a new acquisition by someone called ‘Mars Domain’.

Looking forward to uncovering more domain sales from the Chinese domain market of numeric and short domains, next week.

On a side note, if you missed our special on the Domain King’s numeric domains, it looks like Rick Schwartz would make a killing if he were to liquidate his impressive domain portfolio.

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One Response to “Chinese domain market – Week of February 8, 2015”
  1. David Walker says:

    Since I missed NamesCon and the discussion on the Chinese market, this will be a good weekly post to follow.

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