#Chinese domain names : Chips are down, way down

Domain chips are down, way down.

Maybe it’s the tariffs Donald Trump imposed on China, or the crashed crypto market, but Chinese letter “Chip” domains are trading at a fraction of their valuation a year ago.

Recent domain sales of such LLLL .com domains reveal this alarming pattern:

  • – sold for $861 at NameJet
  • – sold for $710 at NameJet
  • – sold for $701 at NameJet
  • – sold for $691 at NameJet

All auction results are from yesterday, according to our friend Dale G. who provided us with the data.

The annual decline in the Chinese premium letter LLLL com domains can be seen in these charts below:

Annual sales/volume of Chips – Source: Benmi

Annual pricing of Chips – Source: Chaomi

What does this mean for domain investors outside of China?

Very simple: sell now, or be prepared for a rough ride in the next 12 months.

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3 Responses to “#Chinese domain names : Chips are down, way down”
  1. Don W. says:

    Looks like that might be a multi year low? Your charts only go 1 year.

    I received this yesterday from a Chinese seller who bought from me 2 years ago for almost 2x his asking price, not chips but still 4L:

    $200 each or bulk discount:

    Once the market stalls, which it looks like it might have, it could get rough.


  2. DomainGang says:

    Don – These are junk domains. The Chips exclude vowels and the letter V, as you know. Prices for Chips maxed out just above the $2500 dollar mark, so sub-$700 prices are indicative of a crashed market.

  3. Bugui says:

    If you know what happened about trading platform for LLLL), you should understand the price. It’s no matter to the boss of USA. you can visit my blog to find it.

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