Chinese domain sales : Can the CN Government trust foreigners?

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

You might trust the Chinese government’s promises that foreign web sites will be left alone from an ongoing business registration scheme.

Then again, the Chinese government might not trust you, the foreigner.

A comic that promotes China’s National Security Education Day, warns people in China against foreigners that attempt to be romantically involved with the Chinese – with ulterior motives in mind.

That’s right, China’s government thinks you might be a spy, so don’t be reaching out to Chinese cuties with a dozen roses.

*Rolling eyes*

Meanwhile, domain market sales in China have been focusing on large portfolio sales lately.

Chinese domain investors are dumping dozens of chips, eager to make money now – even at a loss – versus waiting for prices to reach some impossible number that was promised to them.

We keep track of .CN and .COM domains of between 2 to 4 characters that change hands in China, and today we’ll break these rules.

What the hell, it’s Friday. 😀

Several NNN .net domains have been sold “en masse” so that shows even the numeric marketplace isn’t immune from such liquidations. Whoever promises you otherwise has no clue about the current market conditions.

Here is today’s list:

All these three number .net domains were sold by the same individual.

The rest of the list follows:

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