Chinese domain sales market : Chips still sell

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

“Run for the hills, the sky over the Chinese domain letters is falling!”


Not so fast, buddy.

Panic never saved anyone, and making hasty decisions can be costly.

Many domain investors are holding onto their domain assets for a better day.

So-called Chinese premium letters have lost a large chunk of their appreciated value that peaked last year, but not the liquidity factor.

Domain “Chips” are still selling, when the price is right, and whether it’s a domain portfolio by Elequa or a Chinese domain investor with an unpronounceable name, it doesn’t matter; a sale is a sale.

We keep track of Chinese domain market sales, of between 2 to 4 characters; .CN, .COM and .NET domains are the TLDs we focus on.

Yesterday it was a very slow day, but today there’s movement in the Chips! 😀

Here’s the list, courtesy of, the Chinese domain sales tracker:

One additional domain,, was sold by Elequa. Numbers are always a class of their own, as far as domain investments are concerned.



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