Chinese domain sales market : Elequa liquidates LLLL .com portfolio!

Elequa - Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Elequa – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

It’s a wonderful Sunday here in sunny Florida, brothers and sisters in domaining, as Father Domainicus would say.

What makes this day special, isn’t China’s flaky economy, but the domain activity that occurs currently.

Domain investors in China are finally awaking from their Year of the Monkey stupor, making some bulk purchases.

Last year, we had extensive coverage of the domain selling activity of legendary domain investor, Elequa. Over the course of a few weeks, Elequa’s domain sales of LLL .com and NNNN .com domains followed a pattern of liquidation unseen before.

Now, Elequa is apparently selling off his LLLL .com “chips” and that’s an indication of an already peaked market, in our opinion.

Here’s a list of four letter .com domains that have changed hands from Elequa’s domain portfolio to Chinese buyers:

But that’s not the end of the list of short domain names between two to four characters in the .CN and .COM TLDs!

Here’s the rest of the list, data courtesy of, the Chinese domain sales tracker:

Truly a massive list, thanks to Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim’s liquidation sale, which we’re expecting to continue; Elequa owns hundrends of such domain names!

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