Chinese domain sales market : The army of minions

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

Billions of dollars in speculative investments were lost in China, during the big stock market crash last summer.

Thousands of investors went bankrupt, after being told to buy hyped stocks that crashed and burned to oblivion.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this in a domain-related analogy: never invest in stocks or domain names, money you need for your living expenses.

Many domain investors perceive the Chinese domain market to be some type of money-printing machine. The truth is, if you don’t buy at the low end of the domain market, the ride is only for those with an iron-clad stomach.

An army of Chinese “minions” is investing in domains without a good grasp of what long term investing entails: funding renewals, and a potential drop in prices.

Holding onto these domains long term requires a deeper understanding of the domain market’s dynamics. Domain flipping is like trading penny stocks, you buy them in order to sell them as soon as possible.

The LLLL .com game started by fund managers in Hong Kong, who continue to reap cash by leading the minions on unexplored territory. Will they make a quick turn and exit right?

Chinese domain sales are currently fluctuating in volume, but March is not as bad as February has been. Even as Elequa sold a mini domain portfolio of “chips,” there is nothing as spectacular as his LLL and NNNN .com sales of last year.

We keep track of .CN and .COM sales of between 2 and 4 characters in length that occur in China. Here are today’s domain names:



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