Chinese domain sales : No fire sale today, just a list of chips

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

Zhao Danโ€™s fire sale of “Chinese premium letter” (Chips) domains sucked the air out of the room for two days.

Today’s list of short domain sales from China contains regular domain names, courtesy of

But first, a message out about some facts and figures on China’s ailing economy.

A Bearish market such as China, can be seen by many as an opportunity to invest. Such is the case of short domains in varying exotic TLDs and gTLDs, beyond the realm of two letter and three letter .com domains.

Over-extending one’s investments in any developing market can quickly lead to financial loss. There is a reason that there are disclaimers in every financial institution that dishes out investment advice.

The domain industry is primarily supported by end-user buyers; anyone claiming that domainers selling to domainers form 90% of the industry, or that domain selling venues would disappear should China stopped trading domains, need to get their facts straight.

We all have opinions, but need to stick to more facts and less hype, or it becomes a game of pure hype and underlying agendas.

Here are today’s list of short domain name sales in the Chinese market; are you ready for the year of the Monkey yet?

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3 Responses to “Chinese domain sales : No fire sale today, just a list of chips”
  1. Hire Domains says:

    My Butler says……… “everything’s gonna be just fine”

  2. DomainGang says:

    Hire Domains – I can’t afford a butler with those chip prices dropping.

  3. Hire Domains says:

    Dg please note I pay mine with freshly registered 7N .infos

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