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Chinese domain sales : Numbers, numbers, numbers FTW!

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

Rick Schwartz’s mega-sale of the domain, 997.com, shows the importance of numeric .com domains in today’s expanded market. Apparently, the Domain King received more than a quarter of a million dollars for this domain.

Rick’s portfolio of numeric domains is quite impressive, and he should be getting the attention of Chinese domain investors non-stop.

But off to China we go.

China’s stock market is determined to make a difference tomorrow Monday, last day of February; this Monkey is leap! Twenty-eight days of plateaued trading will hopefully be followed by a rally.

Chinese domain investors willing to diversify their investments into unexplored but volatile territory, will probably be tasting the flavors offered by dot .WS – the national ccTLD of Samoa.

There was an interesting domain investment discussion over at Elliot’s blog, DomainInvesting.com. We gathered the best parts of it and summarized our 10 most important findings.

Chinese domain sales jumped a tiny bit over the weekend; today’s list contains short .CN and .COM domains of between 2 to 4 characters, that changed hands among the Chinese.

Some data is provided by BenMi.com, the Chinese domain sales tracker.

Here is today’s list:



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One Response to “Chinese domain sales : Numbers, numbers, numbers FTW!”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Numerals have meaning in Chinese culture, does that mean the the 3-4 N com’s are for Chinese home market development ? The 3/4N have no meaning outside the the far east and even the one 1/2N such as 58 are carried by the com. The Chinese branded sites seem to be predominantly Character plus N or Characters. I cannot see the where the 3-4N will be developed as brands other than the home markets ?
    Imagine the SEO / marketing problem for AI deep learning search as there numerous meanings for a N and AI 2 AI is already beyond mortal comprehension. Thinking that the keyword to the root domain is where the real values will be other than the 1-2-3 8N’s Generation X will dictate the game.

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