Chinese domain sales report : LL .com goes to China – Elequa sells ‘XYZ’ domain!


The Chinese domain market is entertaining, for sure.

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

Those who cached in their chips and made a healthy profit, we salute you. Last year was awesome, and despite early predictions, 2016 has been rather dull so far.

Do not underestimate, however, the real domain power horse: LL .com domains.

Two letter domains are the creme de la creme of anything imaginable. Surely, one letter .com domains would be nice to have.

As we mentioned earlier this month, was sold for more than $900,000 dollars; Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, has pinpointed the buyer as yet another Chinese investor.

George keeps track of LL .com ownership changes, and according to the latest count, 145 two-letter dot-com domain names (out of 676) are now registered to Chinese registrants (21.4%).


But that’s not all.

Domain investor Elequa made an ‘XYZ’ domain sale – but it’s not an .XYZ domain. 😀

How is this possible?

In March, Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim – Elequa’s legal name – liquidated a part of his massive LLLL .com portfolio, and the latest transaction involves the sale of the domain

Sorry Daniel Negari, we didn’t mean to get you all excited!

Today’s list of short .CN and .COM domains is courtesy of DomainTools. We still love you, despite the recent heart-break. 🙁


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