Chinese domain sales : Will LL .com sales save the domain economy?


China’s current financial crisis is evident; Shanghai composite lost 6.4% today, which translates to a staggering $260 billion dollars in a single day.

Are you ready for the Year of the Monkey business yet?

If that humongous loss at the Chinese stock market doesn’t translate well, a picture will help visualize the exact drop per sector:


Chinese domain sales follow the same path the stock market does.

After all, the Chinese investors utilize domain names as vessels of money.

We keep track of what’s going on in China among the Chinese domain investors, reporting on short domains between 2 to 4 characters, in the .CN and .COM TLDs.

It seems that today’s list contains a nice two letter (LL) .com domain,

The LL .com changed hands among the Chinese, so that exchange won’t alter the 2-letter .com stats maintained by domain investor and financial analyst, George Kirikos.

Let’s take a look at today’s full list of short domains sold in China:

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