Chinese Moon Landing: Domain auction powerhouse 4.CN plants its flag

4.CN is the first domain company on the Moon.

4.CN is the first domain company on the Moon.

China has become only the third nation to plant its earthly flag on the surface of the Moon yesterday, after a successful moon landing.

One critical aspect of the Chinese mission’s success, was corporate sponsorship by local companies, allowing research in aerodynamics, liquid fuel propulsion and nuclear trans-isotope fission to deliver results faster, better and cheaper.

The Chinese mission’s biggest sponsor from the Chinese domain industry, is domain auction powerhouse 4.CN.

“We proud China, we now see flag of Dragon and 4.CN symbol next!” exclaimed 4.CN spokesperson, Tao Ma Ling, after the Chinese moon landing took place.

“And domain auction 4.CN go strong, bid coming, so here better and next launch rocket Uranus!” added Tao Ma Ling, whose name in Chinese means “he who dreams of progress of human race in space age.”

By effectively landing a domainer on the Moon, the Chinese Moon Landing became the first extra-terrestrial mission that relied on private funding, as much as government control over its critical points; no gTLD domains, or even dot .coms were allowed on-board. As an added benefit, the 4.CN name fits the available space on the Chinese moon rover just nicely.

Chinese domainers, often obsessed with numeric domain names, would definitely approve of the 4.CN sponsorship.

Congratulations to China and 4.CN for this joint venture!

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  1. James says:

    Hi. I’m a clueless idiot from the IP somewhere in the sticks of Connecticut. Being snowed in, I decided to talk smack about your blog, instead of playing with my two-incher. Help me understand when your posts are true and when they are parody. Thanks, while I go back to my bedroom to find a dirty sock.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Dear James – Sorry to hear about your current problems. Please see a doctor about your mental and physical deficiencies. Best of luck.

    Regarding your ineptitude, I recommend this link: as it explains when an article is parody and when it is real news.

    Happy holidays!

  3. James says:

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. My obsession isn’t curable, I must admit. I wasn’t listening when Momma said, “James, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” So I feel that I must click on your headlines on Can you recommend a doctor?

  4. DomainGang says:

    Dear James – Always listen to your Momma, call her right now and tell her how much you love her. And please stop clicking on things you don’t understand. She should be able to take you to a doctor as well.

    Happy Snow Angels!

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