Civil rights attorney, Lisa Bloom, registered several .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER domains


Attorney Lisa Bloom. Photo from

Lisa Bloom is an experienced attorney, specializing in civil rights, divorce, and employment law.

She has appeared as an expert guest on many television shows and news channels.

Lastly, she’s married to domain investor Braden Pollock, which makes things a tad more interesting to domainers. 😀

In a recent post for Rightside, Lisa Bloom “admits” that she has registered several .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER domain names.

According to Lisa, such domains “[…] stand out. They tell people immediately what I do in just a short, brandable way.”

Indeed, Braden Pollock concurs:

“.NET and .ORG—they don’t mean anything. But with .ATTORNEY … Google’s reading the domain name, comparing it to the content on the site, everything matches up. More likely you’re gonna get indexed better without the wasted words and it’s memorable so when we’re doing offline marketing whether it’s radio or TV or print, it’s easy to remember.”

Although there is no mentioning of which exact .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY domains Lisa has registered, we reached out to Braden Pollock who mentioned the following domains:

Divorce.Attorney, Employment.Attorney, CivilRights.Attorney, Bloom.Attorney, CaliforniaDUI.Lawyer and CaliforniaInjury.Lawyer.

A clear demonstration of effective branding for a professional promotion and use. You can read the full post by Lisa Bloom at Rightside.

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2 Responses to “Civil rights attorney, Lisa Bloom, registered several .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER domains”
  1. Lisa and Braden are a great couple. They are genuine, smart and approachable and always willing to help where they can. is a stellar name and website. I bet LisaBloom.Lawyer and LisaBloom.Attorney were the first registrations of many.

  2. Braden says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Michael. And thanks for the post.

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