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#CleanTeeth .com : Did Dr. Mohamad Rajabally let this #domain gem drop?

The domain CleanTeeth.com is currently sitting right at the top of the DropCatch widget.

Having dropped a few days ago, the premium keyword domain with a dental hygiene focus, is now having a 2018 registration date.

CleanTeeth.com existed as far back as in 1997, but it dropped in late 2003; a few days later, it was registered by a Tariq Ali in California.

For the longest time, the email tariq.ali@cleanteeth.com was used as the technical and admin contacts, but the billing contact was a Mohamad Rajabally, of the Rajabally Family Dentistry in Newark, California.

An Archive.org snapshot shows the domain CleanTeeth.com being actively used in 2013.

In 2017, the domain was still sitting with the registrar NoIP (Vitalwerks Internet Solutions,) but apparently something went wrong; the registrant’s Hotmail address most likely failed to receive crucial email notifications about its renewal.

Now, CleanTeeth.com is being auctioned, and 39 bidders have placed 49 bids so far; the top bid is at $650 dollars with less than two days to go.

It’s really sad seeing this top notch domain that was once the apparent jewel of the Rajabally Family Dentistry, being auctioned for half the price of a root canal.

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One Response to “#CleanTeeth .com : Did Dr. Mohamad Rajabally let this #domain gem drop?”
  1. DomainGang says:

    Update: The domain auction ended at $3,350 dollars.

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