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Clinton wins : How much is the matching .com domain listed for at Afternic?

Presidential elections take place in the US tomorrow; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out across America, as the two most controversial candidates in recent memory.

While political domains can be considered an investment for some, there is no set rule regarding their value.

Take for example, the domain Hillary.com; its owner wants $2.5 million dollars.

If Hillary Clinton wins, would they buy it with the expected windfall of money to the Clinton Foundation?

Or would she go after ClintonWins.com, a domain listed at Afternic for the sum of $1.725 million dollars?

Why not go after HillaryWins.com for only $3,000 dollars?

The truth is, Hillary Clinton only needs one domain, HillaryClinton.com, which she won in a UDRP in 2005. 😀

Go out and vote tomorrow!




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One Response to “Clinton wins : How much is the matching .com domain listed for at Afternic?”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Nothing like a political domain article on election day to get everything heated up. :p I think both parties have acquired several domains via UDRP from squatters looking to profit off their names.

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