Clintonology : What is Rick Schwartz’s plan for this domain?

TRAFFIC founder, Rick Schwartz.

TRAFFIC founder, Rick Schwartz.

It’s an election year in the US, and political domain registrations related to the two candidates are on the increase.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are offering colorful domain registrations, such as or

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Rick Schwartz, might have retired from active blogging, but he definitely continues to register domains.

His registration of indicates Rick’s expressed interest in US politics; and a new domain pair, freshly registered, will confirm that.

According to our research, the Domain King® registered the following political domains recently:


These domains and their alternate spellings, appear to be very suitable to showcase content related to the Clinton legacy, whether we’re talking about Bill Clinton, a former two times president, or Hillary Clinton.

They fall in the category of politically infused domains that may bring a healthy ROI when sold as is, but can be powerful tools in the hands of those protesting – or supporting – the practices of politicians.

Once again, Rick Schwartz’s domain investments, delivered at a minimal cost, can prove to be lucrative in the future, regardless of who wins the November elections. 😀


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