It’s .CLUB against .XYZ in email spat between the two CEOs

The gTLD domain industry is heating up, after email messages were exchanged between Daniel Negari, CEO of .XYZ and Colin Campbell, CEO of .CLUB.

According to a message posted by Colin Cambell at Rick Schwartz’s blog, Daniel Negari expressed his strong displeasure over recent comments by sending Campbell this email titled, “Ethics”:

“Wow – Your ethics – or lack thereof beyond baffle me. The truth will be told and come out – completely. I hope you lose sleep at night knowing I know everything you have been behind.”

Colin Campbell responded thus in public:

“If Mr. Negari, believes that I am behind all of the uproar behind the opt out registrations and that I managed to convince an entire industry through a few of my own personal comments I think he is misguided. If anyone who was influenced by my comments or my concerns with this marketing campaign, please come forward. I’d really like to understand how I could have caused all of .XYZ’s issues?”

Up until the week of the .XYZ launch, the .CLUB gTLD was ranking first among all the other gTLDs, a position it lost after a massive XYZ campaign by Network Solutions that received widespread criticism from various media; one of the strongest remarks was made by Ron Jackson at DNJournal.

Is this an indication of “number wars” between competing gTLDs for a piece of the million dollar pie?

You can read the full exchange here.

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