: #Trademark squatter irks Rick Schwartz on Twitter

The registrant of the domain, an obvious infringement of a famous trademark, irked Rick Schwartz on Twitter today.

Posting the domain for sale by tacking onto a tweet by the Domain King, unleashed Rick’s wrath, who said:

Hey, owner of CNN(.)LIVE & NetPay(.)us
You can delete your tweet trying to sell these on my thread, but u can’t delete being a #trademark infringer & #cybersquatter

You and your ilk are NOT #Domainers & the registries should know better!

#Domains #domain #domainnames

Further exchanges targeted the domain’s registrar, NameCheap.

While it’s not the registrar’s job to police infringing domains, ICANN mandates that any illegal activity related to phishing or other blatant online crime be handled by the registrar. The UDRP process was designed to address complaints of this nature, and to transfer domains to trademark holders.

The domain is available via Sedo, where its Swedish registrant is seeking 25,000 euro. The domain isn’t expected to last long at Sedo’s listings, per our estimate.

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One Response to “ : #Trademark squatter irks Rick Schwartz on Twitter”
  1. Sedo says:

    We removed the listing. Thanks for the correct estimate 🙂

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