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Code Babes: Getting a Domain Name with the help of cleavage


Code Babes

Code Babes is an online resource of short video tutorials that attempt to teach you everything: From domain names to hosting to SEO, to programming with Python.

Nice. Did we mention the boobs?

All these tutorials seem to support the idea that it’s a male dominated industry, hence the cleavage overload.

In the video about ‘Getting a Domain Name and Hosting for your Site‘, the heavily tattooed model takes off her clothes while talking down on GoDaddy:

“Some good hosts and VPS providers, if you have your own recommendations put them in the comments!! Also, GoDaddy SUCKS if you didn’t catch that in the video. DO NOT USE THEM!!!”

We aren’t so sure that we’d take factual feedback from an online stripper, but most teenagers might.

Here’s the video.

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3 Responses to “Code Babes: Getting a Domain Name with the help of cleavage”
  1. Wow, nice girls!

    But I doubt this way of teaching.

  2. hire Domains says:

    Hey that’s my sister!

  3. @hire. your sister! Are you sure?
    lol lol

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