Colin Campbell of dot .CLUB launched Shareholder #Blockchain

Shareholder Blockchain is the name of a new company by dot .CLUB co-founder, Colin Campbell, and partners from the Startups.CLUB incubator.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, the company utilizes blockchain technology to keep track of shares for corporations.

At ShareHolder Blockchain, our comprehensive technological solution helps businesses and investors track and manage their shares via a blockchain. The platform utilizes a distributed, trusted, network of nodes to support independent, reliable records of of all shareholdings, ownership, and reporting by the company that can never be altered.

The technology offered by Shareholder Blockchain, can perform the following functions:

  • Securely record and store shares on the blockchain.Use smart contracts to trade shares.
  • Provide secure access for individual shareholders to review financials.
  • Provide security to investors by creating a history of share ownership, financial statements, and updates on the blockchain that cannot be altered.
  • Manage employee options
  • Allow the administrator to set rules for the change of shares and approvals required for stocks based on the shareholders agreement.
  • Conduct votes using blockchain
  • Manage raises, call for funds, and distributions all recorded via blockchain
  • Eliminate the need for certificate storage in States that have legalized shares to be held on blockchain.
  • Eliminate conflict between shareholders/partners.
  • Individual investors can manage all their investments that are listed on Shareholder Blockchain.
  • Store corporate books, minutes, annual resolutions and investor contracts on a blockchain.
  • Create an immutable record of all corporate acts

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