Colorado domainers switch to ganja

The US is fast becoming a strange combination of progressive evolutionary state, one where the government snoops on its citizens, yet allows them to buy and smoke marijuana.

A group of Colorado domainers seeks to capitalize on this fast change in the legal status of pot, in the state of Colorado, switching away from typical domaining.

“Look man, after 2 years in the domain biz we kissed a lot of money goodbye, dude, so why not grow it and smoke it, far out!” exclaimed Denver resident, Markus High.

“I read this sh*t all the time: invest in .com, buy .com and man, I’m losing all my money as all the good domains are taken, dude. So we are rolling out our own!” added High.

Markus and four others are forming High Domain Society, a Colorado initiative to provide legal marijuana to domainers in the state of Colorado, where they can smoke it in the safety of the social club’s quarters.

The brick and mortar business expects to hit seven figures in sales by the end of 2015, something that most domainers don’t achieve in their entire lifetime.

The legalization of marijuana possession in Colorado will soon expand outside of the state, with more domain investors hopefully switching from trading illiquid assets, to smokable ones.

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