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Condomania registers DickiLeaks.com – New condom brand emerges!

End the leaks with the DickiLeaks condom from Condomania!

Popular online condom store, Condomania.com is really tugging onto the WikiLeaks scandal with a brilliant marketing promotion.

Condomania registered the domain name, DickiLeaks.com about two weeks ago and proceeded with the creation of a new condom brand, DickiLeaks.

The condom bears the image of WikiLeaks operator, Julian Assange, who is currently free on bail in the UK, pending trial with charges of sexual assault in Sweden.

The Condomania press release mentions:

“When I read the headline that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in Sweden for having sex without a condom, I realized that we don’t have a condom for those people who enjoy the thrill of the leak but must wear a condom to meet local ordinances,” said Adam Glickman, President and CEO of Condomania.

“Here’s a guy that clearly enjoys the danger of leaking, but didn’t have a condom that leaked. If DickiLeak condoms were available at that time, Assange would have been legally protected even if he wasn’t sexually protected.”

With further news about Julian Assange’s private life emerging, it’s interesting to witness what will be the next stage in this multi-national scandal of leaked information.

Surely, Condomania knows how to turn this controversy into greenbacks! 😀

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2 Responses to “Condomania registers DickiLeaks.com – New condom brand emerges!”
  1. Jeff says:

    Amazing marketing! I’m impressed.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Jeff – Indeed, Condomania furthermore states:

    *Um, please note that we just lied. We couldn’t help ourselves. Sorry. The truth is that DickiLeak condoms do provide excellent protection and they don’t leak. Even so, DickiLeak condoms are great way to spice up your next WikiLeaks release party, especially if you’re in Sweden!

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