#Conshohocken Police Department’s .com #domain is now an #escort service!

The Conshohocken Police Department operated a web site on ConshohockenPolice.com. Someone at the department dropped the ball with domain renewals, and the domain’s drop was inevitable.

Despite having ConshohockenPolice.com on the official Twitter account, that account is not being monitored.

So where do visitors end up to?

The domain was snapped by Japanese spammers, who display content about escort services. In translation:

Ikebukuro’s sexual cabaret is free to play, so it’s a great place to relieve stress, but only keep the rules. If you follow the rules firmly, Miss Sekkiaba will be able to service with peace of mind, so it will be a fun time for them. On the other hand, if you do not follow the rules very much and try to do something wildly, Miss Sekkiaba will be wary, so you can’t create a lover-like atmosphere. Ikebukuro Miss Sekikaba has high level and very wide-minded girls, so let’s play happily. It is important not to violate the rules in order to flirt with cute girls who have big breasts and smile.

Moral of the story: organizations should be very careful with their domain assets, and keep them renewed for many years in advance, with recurring payments.


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  1. RaTHeaD says:

    All of your sex are belong to us!

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