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Contest: GoDaddy invites you to be their next “kick ass” model


After a successful re-introduction of long-forgotten 80s actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, GoDaddy is taking this marketing campaign paradigm to new levels.

The GoDaddy “kick-ass” campaign, featuring JCVD doing the splits has generated 24% more sales than those depending on ogling Danica Patrick’s legs, according to media research institute, Fresh Polls & Stuff.

The poll was conducted on Facebook, targeting males aged 18-45 that define themselves as “geeks”, “nerds”, and “extra super horny.”

If you can do the splits, GoDaddy wants you.

If you can do the splits, GoDaddy wants you.

Now, GoDaddy wants you to become their next “kick-ass” model, to be featured on Facebook and print advertisements. The contest is open to both men and women, however you must be able to do a perfect 180 degree leg split over two standard sacks of premium potatoes.

Women should wear a non-revealing sports bra, and guys must wear a jockstrap underneath their clothes.

This is your chance to earn fame and be featured on a variety of publications. Model release is required – for details visit GoDaddy.com

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2 Responses to “Contest: GoDaddy invites you to be their next “kick ass” model”
  1. name says:

    yeah. we definitely want this. proper splits. women. all 3 ways. floor is good.

  2. Excitemental says:

    Lol Great article, i know which one makes me want to register a domain 🙂

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