Coupon madness in latest domain newsletter from Brannan’s

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

Brannan’s, the domain newsletter managed by domain broker, David Clements, has gone all crazy with coupons.

The latest edition features a list of solid domain names that appeal to the lucrative coupon niche; was reputedly sold for $2.2 million dollars in 2000.

Some of these domains on the Brannan’s newsletter get traffic, but they are being sold solely on the potential of the respective brands.

Here’s our selection from the list:

  • – $380,000
  • – $125,000
  • – $195,000
  •, and – $320,000

As always lots of other domains are available, and David Clements is open to receiving offers for these brokered domains.

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  1. That niche is good but for prices no

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