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Cowboys.com – The tumbleweeds are still rolling …

It was a great “domainer co-op” – a handful of uber-domainers chipped in and each bought a stake in the domain Cowboys.com.

That glorious time in domain history occurred as the Dallas Cowboys withdrew their bid of $275,000 thinking it was … $275 and zero cents.

Opportunity lost with no touchdown.

So, for the grand total of $370 big ones, the domain Cowboys.com changed hands into the co-op of uber domainers; some of which proclaim to be developers.

As far as we know, developers develop while domainer “developers” talk about it.

More than two years later, Cowboys.com is still a dead town with empty saloons and tumbleweeds that roll in the the warm, southern breeze. Crickets sing their lazy song and cockroaches scurry into the humid night.

It appears that in a kitchen where too many chefs cook, the only meal one can have is eggs.

Unfortunately, that’s the future of domainer co-ops that lack a solid plan and are only used to stir the quiet waters of domaining.

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6 Responses to “Cowboys.com – The tumbleweeds are still rolling …”
  1. Mark says:

    Oh, and how they talked about how great the site would be, how much of a steal it was….classic.

  2. i think this domain is a super one. That is why i grabbed cowboys.mobi

    cowboys.mobi will be a site with good future.

  3. how depressing thats the best the best minds in the industry can muster. The game has changed, the winning formula is different to that used by these guys in 2001-6. Need to look else where for inspiration, a new generation of domainers will rise.

  4. So true. I was thinking about Coyboys.com the other day when I saw a book about Cowboys in the store. Not the NFL team but those that forged the Wild West. I watched a Clint Eastwood Movie last week and I believe Cowboys.com has so much potential because it conjures up images that are emotional and sellable from this country’s past. There was a reason all those Wild West movies were so popular for so long. Remember Bonanza! I might have to put Wild-West.com online soon.

  5. Shane Kinsch says:

    ” As far as we know, developers develop while domainer “developers” talk about it. ” — so true. I never want to fit into the category of just ‘talking about it’ with no action, but I do love to brain storm. It’s time to execute a plan, whatever it may be. Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

  6. BullS says:

    What do you called a cowboy without a gun?


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