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Crappy but aged #domain makes its first revenue ever in 2020!

It’s a great start in 2020 for a domain investor’s precious domain asset; the 2010 registration just hit it big with its first PPC income.

A full decade after its registration, the domain managed to score substantial revenue, fully justifying its 10 years of existence.

“I’m so overcome with joy and totally thrilled by my domain’s first revenue ever, I want to kiss my PPC provider’s tech support guy,” said the registrant Keith Stravinski.

“He was right: renewing the domain one more year at GoDaddy for $14.95 /year made a huge difference, and now I have proof by looking at the full 7 cents of revenue from someone who clicked on one of the random ads!” exclaimed Stravinski, in tears.

Hundreds of domainers raved about the obvious upturn in PPC income for 2020 at popular name forum, NamePros. The thread has grown to 127 pages and it’s been a superb opportunity for Epik founder, Rob Monster, to plug his company’s services, non stop.

“Seven cents is not a lot of money but I’ve been waiting for this moment for 10 years,” said Keith Stravinski, adding: “I’ll be renewing this domain for 3 or 4 years at a time, to ensure my domain asset is protected from prying hands! Not letting this golden egg laying goose expire!”

Moral of this amazing domain story: If your domain name hasn’t made any revenue in 9 years, don’t despair; sometimes it takes a full decade for the money to start flooding in.

That moment the first click happens. Photo by alan King on Unsplash

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