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Crappy Domains still retain their value according to Survey among Juvenile Domainers

Crappy domains stand out from the rest of the crowd.

In a recent study among domainer professionals conducted over at popular domain forum, NamePros, the youthful community concurred: Crappy domains do retain their value, even after several flips.

“At first I was concerned that my crappy domains would lose their worth”, said Nick Bratt who goes by the nickname kidrawk16 on NamePros.

“I asked my dad who usually pays for my domain registration, he googled some stuff and found that thread on NamePros. I feel better now, knowing that my investment is secure”, he adds while scratching his prominent acne.

Hundreds of youthful domain professionals ponder over the same question every year, a question that is often asked at Elliot Silver’s DomainQuestions.com

While most crappy domains retain their value for years – even after several sub-$10 sales on eBay – seasoned domainers tend to avoid them; at least, those that read Rick’s blog daily.

“I don’t know really, Rick says not to buy crappy domains so that survey at NamePros is probably not up to speed”, says Milosh Yanos, a domainer from Connecticut. “When I ask my friends at school they all say it’s best not to get more of the same junk, one has to diversify. That helped me a lot, particularly during the boring 7th grade lab class!”

Meanwhile, CrappyDomains.com is currently parked at Bodis.


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3 Responses to “Crappy Domains still retain their value according to Survey among Juvenile Domainers”
  1. SL says:

    pigeonshit.com was registered in 2004, not when Rick made it famous.

    For some deep and insightful reason, that nugget of info feels relevant to this crappy domain theme article.


  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    SL – Plus 10 points for knowing how to use WHOIS – minus 20 for no sense of humor.

  3. BullS says:

    Oh yea always “BullS’ is always right

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