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Crazy! Domainer survives trip to North Korea


North Korea.

A trip to North Korea isn’t on most people’s bucket lists, but a domain investor from Norway just checked that one off.

Domainer Kris Moell is also a professional airline pilot, and has attended several domain conferences.

Recently, Kris visited North Korea as part of a tour to the forbidden country, known for its human rights repression and affinity to nuclear bombs.

It seems that Kris had a great time though, and most importantly, he survived the trip. 😀

Regarding his experience in North Korea, Kris Moell shared the following:

“Surprisingly, the one and only thing we couldn’t take photos of were the military themselves, and road construction workers, which is a subdivision of the military.”

Is North Korea becoming more progressive, despite its public image as an aggressive country led by a lunatic?

“… According to one of the tour organizers, they’re gradually becoming less communistic by applying certain capitalistic principles. United Nations are frequently hosting entrepreneurial courses to help locals develop and produce things themselves. We did visit a couple of businesses that had opened up as a result of these classes. Under the former two leaders of NK, this would have been very difficult, but the current leader, Kim Yong Un, has set out a different path in which economic growth is more important.”

Here are some of his photos from the country with not much of an Internet presence!

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  1. My butler is North Korean

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