Crazy Greek Bitch : Smitten foreigner shares his love via domain name!


Greek woman composite picture.

Greece has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, but the truth is that its people are full of passion and zest for life; it must be due to the unique Greek light shining down on the endless shores.

To anyone who has had the privilege to know a Greek woman, they are certainly very special.

Greek women – Ellinides – are affectionate, warm and loyal creatures, who love and care for their partners, family and friends.

Passion is a character trait that has its antipodes, and Greek women can also be raging bitches from hell, if a male – Greek or foreigner – somehow manages to push their wrong buttons all the way.

Don’t ever cheat on a Greek woman, she might cut your balls off and feed them to the dogs.

With all that in mind, an apparently smitten foreigner shares his love for a Greek woman via the domain name

“So we was joking one day about if was takin. So I decided to check and see if it was. Well honey, I own it now. This is dedicated to you because you are that kind of special lady. My name is, well we will just call me VF, and She is AA. No, she isn’t a drunk, the AA means Absolutely Awesome. among being her initials.”

Ah, the love is dripping from all sides, and the domain was just registered so the fun only now begins. Our friend continues his observations thus:

“But I have come to learn that once you have a Greek woman’s heart they can handle a lot and tolerate much better then most women. They are very loyal and will stand at your side. They are hard headed but if you can properly give your views they will look at both sides.”

Kudos to you, my friend. Treat any woman well, and you’d be a king. Treat a Greek woman well, and you’ll become Zeus.

Enjoy some Greek women below.

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