Credit.Club tops Google search results!


Credit.Club tops Google results.

In a clear display of gTLD keyword efficiency, the month old domain Credit.Club now tops the Google results.

Hand-registered by developer Bruce Marler for a shockingly low $10.99, this six figure digital property did not ascend to the #1 spot on its own.

Bruce Marler utilized the same principles he teaches during his rapid WordPress development courses, and poured high quality, relevant content on top of it.

Reaching the #1 Google spot for any search term is a great achievement, and in the case of gTLD domains such as dot .CLUB it proves how Google embraces them.

Congratulations to Bruce and dot .CLUB for this great achievement!

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2 Responses to “Credit.Club tops Google search results!”
  1. Jimmy says:

    It’s not hard to rank for a phrase nobody is really looking for.

    Per G keyword tool:

    credit club 590 Medium $3.30

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