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Crushed under domainer pressure, Francois pulls Catchy ad

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A few weeks ago, Francois introduced a certain catchy ad that featured a curvaceous, leggy female with pink pumps – as the call to action image linking to Catchy.comthe marketplace for short, catchy domain names.

That image apparently received a lot of irate emails from conservatives, including stay-at-home moms that casually let their toddlers loose on the Internet, the religious right and the occasional competitor of Francois.

Under such overwhelming pressure, Francois has pulled the image of the curvaceous, leggy female and has put up the image of a nice Armani suit.

Not sure if a suit is ‘catchy’ but regardless, it’s the new image that takes you to Catchy.com

Should the old ad be reinstated?

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3 Responses to “Crushed under domainer pressure, Francois pulls Catchy ad”
  1. Attila says:

    Bring back them legs!

  2. Francois says:

    Ah ah, I had many complaints few years ago when I was agressively advertising PremiumDomains.com but I admit lately I am soft and moderate so people don’t complaint.
    Let’s some audience fantasm few days imagining the possible male who may wear this Armani and after display again this miss showing her sexy legs, or better, sell the ad placement to new advertiser.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Attila – I fully agree 😀

    Francois – I am suffering from the lack of that image!!!

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