Crying foul: Delete your European Super League #domains

Domain investors who relied on a press release about the upcoming launch of an elite, breakaway European Super League: time to drop your domain names.

Alas, it was just a dream; after a major backlash from UEFA, football (soccer) organizations, politicians, and even football fans, the European Super League is folding.

Recent announcements show that Manchester City withdrew from the league, with Chelsea prepared to pull out as well. Tonight, an official announcement will most likely share the expected dissolution of the European Super League.

Which brings us to the flagship domain name,, a 2011 registration.

The domain had potential and interest skyrocketed when the announcement of an imminent formation of the European Super League was made Sunday night. Its owner placed it for sale on and while we aren’t privy to the asking price, it commanded no fewer than 34 offers on DAN!

Surely, a few of them could have been in the thousands of dollars and that’s a real shame, as the domain wasn’t sold while the news of the European Super League formation was positive.

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