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Crypto #domains : Blanket ban by #Google ends #ICO and #crypto era in advertising

Google unveiled in March that it’s terminating its relationship with the cryptocurrency industry, due to an increase in crypto scams.

The blanket ban affects anything that relates to crypto, from ICO to currency news, to blockchain. The advertising ban means that even full legitimate companies will feel the sweep, not just the scammers.

Sometime this month, Google will reveal its latest restricted financial products policy, updating it to include the cryptocurrency universe.

Naturally, the cryptocurrency empire isn’t happy, and they have gone vocal about it, calling it “unethical” and “heavy-handed.”

What will be the effect of the Google ban on cryptocurrency advertising, as far as domains and web sites go?

As no more related ads will pop up when searching for terms such as “latest ICO” only domains and web sites with related authority will populate the top results.

This puts owners of quality, descriptive and developed web sites at the top of their game, with no competition from paying competitors. So while Google ads will no longer display cryptocurrency results, organic results will continue to appear in Google.

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