Crypto + Exchanges: Is NameCheap filtering domain registrations?

Most people believe that crypto is not regulated but that’s a delusion. Governing bodies in countries around the world have implemented a variety of controls, ranging from basic to ultra strict.

In the case of domain registrations of a pair of popular terms, such as “crypto” and “exchange” the combination appears to be a no-go at NameCheap.

A DNForum member pointed out that such registrations force the potential registrant to engage with NameCheap support via chat:

So I was registering some crypto stuff for a project on namecheap

Took hours in chat with low IQ’s at NC before they white listed some crypto keywords

Their explaination they are now working with authorities over terms connected to whatever

So crypto domains are now being targeted

heads up

We verified this is the case by attempting to register the domain name and add it to the cart; after clicking on the “Add to cart” button,  it turned to a chat icon as seen below:

It seems that these two keywords together trigger the event, as domains in other TLDs with the same keywords were also impossible to add to the NameCheap cart. It turns into a chat icon!

The question is, “why?”

Perhaps NameCheap could help shed some light on this. The same domain search at GoDaddy works as expected: the domain is added to the cart without any further obstacles.

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