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Crypto Moron: The Domain King’s latest #domain is about #cryptocurrency education

Rick Schwartz invests in crypto domains.

It’s not a secret that the Domain King dabbles in crypto, alongside his long term investments in premium domain names.

Rick Schwartz has been a pioneer adopter of cryptocurrency and crypto domains, utilizing the great crossover of the two industries. As they say, diversification is key to any investment!

The latest domain registration by Rick baffled us though: TheCryptoMoron.com appears to be a negative term at first.

The Crypto Moron?

But one should keep in mind that a “moron” or an “idiot” is a term equivalent to a “newbie” or a beginner in every industry. And that, it seems, is the purpose of the Crypto Moron project: educate and empower beginners in the cryptocurrency industry.

Well done, Rick! 😀

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