would have been a better choice

The domain was sold this week via Sedo, with senior broker Dave Evanson scoring a $205,000 dollar sale.

The company acquired as well; both domains now forward to

Why would a company pay such a price for a domain related to cybersecurity jobs?

Simply put, companies pay job seeking agencies top dollar for job placement. Many corporate listings cost from $500 to $1,500 dollars or even more. Controlling a job platform with related keywords becomes a smart SEO game.

Perhaps, it’d be great to acquire the true generic,, a domain owned by domain investor Adam Strong. In the past, was offered by partners Evergreen, via their newsletter. The asking price was a minimum of $5 million dollars—a well-justified price.

It’d be easy then to set up and for a great SEO advantage.

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2 Responses to “ would have been a better choice”
  1. Sky says:

    My eyes pause at ‘CyberSe…’ in flashback to a non-stop omnichorus of internet astronauts all typing “Hi A/S/L? Want to cyber???”

    And that’s worth $5 million of anyones money.

  2. melanie says:

    I like the sale price as I own 8 sector + jobs .com domains. so I am happy to site this new comparable.

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