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Cybersquatter Hotline: A new ‘venting’ venture for desperate companies and lowballers

Cybersquatter hotline - a new joint venture.

Cybersquatter hotline – a new joint venture.

We’ve all been there: getting a phone-call that begins as a promising domain inquiry, only to end in a nasty verbal exchange over its pricing.

Even Domain Name Sales receives its fair share of such nasty, abusive phone-calls daily; according to its capable domain brokers, they get at least one such call a day.

Frank Schilling is now about to introduce a “Cybersquatter Hotline“, a service where both corporate minions and private individuals on a shoe-string budget can call and vent off.

Lashing out on a person that will remain professional all the way, is the ultimate cop-out. If you can maintain composure when someone is telling you “eff this” and “eff that” just because they don’t want to pay more than $20 bucks for a domain, requires a lot of extra thick skin.

“Those poor, uneducated souls need to vent off, and what a better paradigm than allowing them to spew their venom on the Cybersquatter Hotline,” says Frank Schilling, while preparing his keynote speech for NamesCon.

“Personally, I don’t mind, as a child I grew up in Canada calling the neighbors and cussing in German until they hang up, it was fun!” exclaims Frank Schilling, laughing.

The Cybersquatter Hotline will be free for the first call, then additional calls require the purchase of a premium membership, for $29.95 monthly.

Perhaps, it’d be cheaper to just shell out the cash for that domain they hate so much to pay for! 😀

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