Cybersquatting : The Bachelorette contestant allegedly registered opponents’ domain names


In the year 2016 there are people actually watching reality TV shows, such as The Bachelorette.

Let us roll our eyes for a second.


According to various media sources, it seems that one of the season’s participants has registered domains linked to his opponent’s names, and more.

Mashable claims that Chad Johnson has “snatched” domains such as, the bachelorette herself, and redirects them to his Instagram account.

According to Mashable, the domains,, and are all linked to Chad Johnson’s name and email.

Mashable article.

Mashable article.

There are plenty more domains registered by the same email, some of which are related to adult content, while others are related to real estate:

While there’s nothing wrong about porn domains, or even real estate, registering other people’s names is a form of cybersquatting, when done in a certain manner.

All of these domains have been registered at GoDaddy.

For the Mashable coverage on Chad Johnson’s alleged domain registrations, click here.

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