Cyprus bailout: Several Cypriot islands for sale on Flippa

Cypriot islet of Villos, a tourist attraction for young British women.

Cypriot islet of Villos, a tourist attraction for young British women.

The ongoing financial disaster of Cyprus has led its politicians to take drastic measures, in order to deter the country’s impeding default.

With the Cypriot banks ready to open tomorrow Thursday after a full week of closing, the finance minister, Michalis Sarris, announced that Cyprus will be selling off several of its island clusters, as part of the Cyprus bailout package.

“It was either a per capita taxation of haloumi cheese consumption – something that’d outrage all Cypriots – or the selling of a few islands off the Cyprus coast,” said the finance minister. “We chose the lesser of two evils, no doubt!” exclaimed Sarris.

After overnight negotiations, the Cypriot islets of Villos, Gaouros and Pisoglentis will be auctioned off at; the Australian marketplace for domains and web sites.

As explained by Flippa, the process was selected in order to save Cyprus the extreme taxation imposed by the Eurozone, had the auction been held within the European boundaries.

“At Flippa, we are committed to perform a transparent sale of the Cypriot assets, which come with a full web site and a logo from our sister company,”, said the Flippa CEO, Dave Slutzkin.

“The large Greek and Cypriot communities in Australia are absolutely delighted that we will be managing the sale of the Cypriot islands, no doubt!” exclaimed Slutzkin.

It is expected that Russian multi-billionaire investor, Sergei Putanov, will be participating at the Flippa auction; Putanov’s investments in domain names and real estate make him a prime candidate for the acquisition of the Cypriot islands.

Villos, one of the islets for sale, is a tourist destination popular with young British women; thousands visit its welcoming shores every year, copulating with the local men.

For more information and to request a press release kit on the auction of the Cypriot islands, visit


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  1. Kate says:

    Can’t we deport the Cyprus govt to a remote island somewhere ? 😀

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kate – The Isle of Man is a tax heaven, unfortunately 😀

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