Dan Bornstein wants at least $10 million dollars for the domain Milk.com


Got $10 million dollars? Then *maybe* you could buy the domain Milk.com.

That’s the starting point for the aged (registration: 1994) domain, according to its owner, Dan Bornstein, who loves milk.

Dan’s done his research, and that involves knowing how big the milk and dairy product industry really is.

Based on these numbers, he wants 8 figures for Milk.com, and we have to agree that it does have the potential to command that much.

Would he consider getting less?

“Many people ignore the above and still seem to insist that I should be willing to take less. Keeping in mind that, as I said, I like the name, realize now that if I’m going to sell out, I’m going to do it right. Furthermore, I’ve done my research.”

Why is the Kokopelli figure on a milk carton as the Milk.com logo? Apparently, Milk stands for “My Ittybitty Little Kokopelli” according to Dan.

And there you have it, or if you don’t believe us, pay Milk.com a visit and try out for yourself.

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7 Responses to “Dan Bornstein wants at least $10 million dollars for the domain Milk.com”
  1. @domains says:

    A bit surprising that names like Milk.com and those in the Hoagland portflio haven’t been snapped up by end users in the past 17 years, though I’m sure some good offers have gone in.

  2. DomainGang says:

    domains – A lot of domain holders lack the social skills and connections to achieve large sales. Typically, that’s done via brokerage.

  3. Lordbyroniv says:

    If beer.com can’t seem to be turned into a viable business, then what chance does milk.com have?

    10 million is a ridiculous number

    I think beer.com sold for 7.5 million a few years back and probably could be bought today for considerably less

    Milk.com is a so so name. No end user really NEEDS it to sell their product

    Who buys milk over the Internet anyways ?

  4. DomainGang says:

    Lordbyroniv – Long time, no see 🙂 More people drink milk than beer. That being said, check out Milk.org.

  5. Bob says:

    Given price of milk in Ontario the dairy industry could probably swing the $10M, as long as it was in Loonies…..


  6. Lordbyroniv says:

    Hey Theo,

    Hope all is good with you. 😊

    I’m not questioning the beauty of milk.com

    And while milk.org has a big owner, I don’t see them really using the domain to generate big sales

    I’m just questioning the 10 million price

    10 million is a lot of tacos 🌮

  7. Rob says:

    Milk.com Solid category .com that is worth the asking price to the right end-users which already spend millions in advertising, marketing and pr.

    Tortillas.com is another solid category .com which is ideal for industry end-users or as a brand for comapanies, products and services.

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