DAN.com: Added Payoneer as payment processor but it’s optional

Payoneer.com – New option on DAN

Domain marketplace platform, DAN.com, announced the introduction of a new partnership with Payoneer.

The popular payout service will be available as an optional bank payout handler; it’s been used by millions of marketplace users on global platforms such as Airnbnb and Amazon.

Note: DAN.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

An early email by DAN indicated that Payoneer would be the only banking option. However, that’s not the case as you can see below:

Some domain investors reacted negatively to what was perceived to be a forced adoption of a specific payout system.

In a follow-up message from DAN.com, the fact that Payoneer is optional, not compulsory, was clarified:

It’s not mandatory to use payoneer. We understand the email communicated that too rigidly.

We implemented Payoneer to:

1: Lower the cost for sellers by zoning out intermediary bank fees

2: Make sure payouts land in your bank account faster

In our honest opinion, DAN, a kind sponsor of DomainGang, continues to enhance its platform with innovative solutions and features; adding Payoneer as a payment processor definitely provides more choices to domain investors using DAN.com.

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One Response to “DAN.com: Added Payoneer as payment processor but it’s optional”
  1. MapleDots.ca says:

    There was more than a little backlash, the addition of Payoneer was calculated and the back pedalling was extreme when the shit hit the fan.

    More here:

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