DAN.com rolls out new updates, including a powerful bulk edit feature

DAN.com has rolled out a fresh batch of great updates to its already superb platform.

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For the past week we’ve been part of the beta testing group, witnessing history in the making. DAN.com is quickly becoming the must-go-to platform and here are some reasons:

New updates at DAN.com

In this release, the real time search is versatile, accurate, and fast and one can search using TLDs, or sort and filter using a plethora of parameters. The portfolio manager can handle bulk edits and more important data is presented at any given time, providing domain investors with a robust management tool.

The DAN Portfolio Manager is customizable, ultra fast, and mobile-friendly.

The most important button, Domain Importer, is now prominent on every page in the portfolio layout. There’s even an “undo” function available for a few seconds after every action, to ensure you didn’t press that submit button by accident! 😀

DAN will soon be releasing its own domain registrar and we’re excited for that as well. For now, enjoy this video and log into your domain account with DAN to check out the freshly rolled-out feaures:

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3 Responses to “DAN.com rolls out new updates, including a powerful bulk edit feature”
  1. Jaydub says:

    They should have done more testing with mobile. Scrolling functionality suck. Surprising/disappointing as these guys are usuallt pretty on their game. Shot them a chat so we’ll see if they get it sorted.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jaydub – Curious if you’re on Android or iOS. Hopefully DAN will address your concerns soon.

  3. BullS says:

    When will DAN comes out the auction marketplace?

    Dan and Sav are taking away a big share from afternic and sedo

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