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Dan, man with a plan : #Domainer not happy with #Undeveloped news of #domain rebranding

Domain sales platform, Undeveloped, has performed an unexpected act of domain rebranding, and a man named Dan isn’t all too happy.

The switch from Undeveloped.com to Dan.com left domain investor Dan Papadopoulos of Syracuse, NY, very upset.

“I was negotiating to get Dan.com, shortening my professional presence to a three letter .com for several years now. These guys have fully crushed my life’s dreams, I feel gutted,” exclaimed Dan Papadopoulos.

By switching to Dan.com from Undeveloped.com, the Dutch company is expecting to serve a worldwide audience of domain sellers, domain buyers and even domain front-runners. The upgrade was accompanied by apparent DNS glitches that created downtime for the managed domains, alongside Dan.com.

“We are expecting a huge upsurge in our global audience, and we even have a bot, Dan, to go with our Dan.com domain,” said VP of bizdev for Dan.com, Sam Iam.

“Very sorry to hear about Dan Papadopoulos, if he hasn’t gotten this domain for several years now, maybe he wasn’t offering the right amount of cash,” added Sam Iam.

Visit Dan.com to learn more about what they are planning to do with their domain rebranding from Undeveloped.com to Dan.com.

Undeveloped – Domain rebranding crushed a man’s dreams.

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  1. too late now Dan…

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