DAN now secures payment before a #domain sale occurs!

Pioneering domain marketplace, DAN.com, is leading the pack with innovative new products.

Just days after launching DAN Junior, its marketplace for cheap domain offers, DAN.com is now rolling out an exciting new product: Predictive domain sale payments.

“Imagine having an AI determine the odds of your sale completing in the next 24 hours, and getting you the funds in advance – that’s real hardcore domaining!” exclaimed DAN VP of Digital Transactions, Alison Venison.

“We have an ample amount of secured funds and able to finance in advance approximately $1 million dollars for sales about to close. That’s a tremendous advantage to our domain sellers who get paid before their buyer pays, literally.” added Alison Venison.

Copying off fintech trends, the DAN predictive payments are utilizing neural networks and the fintech blockchain to determine the closing price and time of a domain for sale.

For more information, visit DAN.com/predictivedomaining.


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