Daniel Negari shares his vision regarding a fresh bunch of gTLDs

Daniel Negari of .XYZ with the new huvr hoverboard.

Daniel Negari, founder of XYZ, the multi-generational gTLD, is well known for his affinity to big, bright projects.

The .Monster CEO has managed to strike a deal with UNR, the poster child of Uniregistry-exiting founder, Frank Schilling. UNR auctioned off its gTLDs (but not itself) and Negari grabbed a select few to build more fun projects on.

We asked Daniel Negari to describe his vision of the newly acquired gTLDs, and this is what we received:

Hey there guys! I appreciate your interest in our newly expanded family of top level domains! First of all, don’t call them “new gTLDs” as we are pushing a decade since the launch of XYZ.

But onto the new guys on the block!

I remember fondly one time right before .Christmas that my .Mom asked me what toys I wished to receive from Santa. Being only seven, all I wanted was a brand new .Game, perhaps something cool like Connect 4, Hungry Hippos, or Battleship.

We ate so much food during the holidays that I had to go on a .Diet and I still am embarrassed by the .Pics. My friends received some cool .Audio gifts, such as a Sony Discman. Jimmy and Larry, my twin best friends, received .Guitars!

That day I gave my mother .Flowers and I opened my presents, only to find coupons for unlimited web .Hosting, not exactly what I wanted! .LOL

Oh well. About my vision for these TLDs…it’s all about the memories, so search into your childhood’s best ones and register the domains that best represent you.

Much love,


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2 Responses to “Daniel Negari shares his vision regarding a fresh bunch of gTLDs”
  1. Sky says:

    Slightly.. distracted.. by.. hoverboard.. fie

    With similarily out-there beyond-curve pricing a world could be imagined where each audio track / release has its own domain. The registry / registrars could integrate addon functionality such as that of the recently aquired bandcamp, or other things, semi-baked in. Listener/community interaction auto-renews domain, or all unregistered domains regex-resolve to tracks and voilà… a fleet of hoverboard at audio HQ have their decks spell .audio

  2. Sky says:

    Unrealistic for a registry as would have to spit out permutations which propogate, but just a thought bubble.

    My thinking is audio could have addons like text has wordpress, and every release could have a domain.

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