Danish flowers : Rick Schwartz schools Queen.dk on RDNH

Rick Schwartz won the Queen.com UDRP with a RDNH finding, and he’s been busy schooling the Danish florist, Queen.dk.

Knud Jepsen A/S has been added to the HallOfShame repository of UDRP aggressors, linking the Queen.dk owners to a despicable practice against a generic domain.

The Domain King also broke his blogging silence, posting after months of downtime the details of the Queen.com case. Needless to say, that the Complainant in the Queen.com UDRP and its CEO, Frands Jepsen, are getting the Royal Whipping treatment.

Not willing to stop there, Rick’s become “proficient” in Danish, issuing a full Danish version of his blog post, and even dropping by to say hello at the Facebook page of Queen.dk:

“Har folk på Queen.dk fortalt dig, at de blev fundet GUILTY af “Reverse Domain Name Hijacking of Queen(.)COM” af et internationalt panel af 3 i sidste uge? De forsøgte at stjæle en meget værdifuld ejendom ved at misbruge processen. gøre!

While we’re certain Rick paid someone to translate the text into Danish, it shows how important it is to relay the Queen.dk activities to its own customer base.

The Facebook message translates as follows:

“Have people at Queen.dk told you that they were found GUILTY by “Reverse Domain Name Hijacking of Queen (.) COM” of an international panel of 3 last week? They tried to steal a very valuable property by misusing the process. do!”

And that’s only the beginning, as Rick Schwartz owns both FrandsJepsen.com and FrandsJepsenSucks.com – we can only imagine what will go there next! 😀

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